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Drum - 22 months

A few days ago Drummy turned 22 months old. He's closing in on two years really fast! I'm not sure a whole lot has changed in the last month. He is still doing well at daycare. He still gets in trouble for pulling hair, but when I talked to the director about it, she had a great response. She said they don't "criminalize" kids for normal age-appropriate behavior, and they just want to be on the same page as us so we are consistent in regards to our response at home and daycare. They want to see him be successful as much as we do, which is a good feeling.

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Drum is definitely talking a lot more. His language caught up to what's "normal" for his age a couple months ago, and it continues to expand. I swear he picks up a new word every day. He strings a couple words together now, mostly things like "my shoes" and "Obie night night." Usually he's talking around a pacifier because he's now addicted to his "bida." He used to enjoy it and it was a good tool when we needed it, but now he NEEDS it just about all the time. I'm totally fine with it for now, but I dread the day we have to break the habit.

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He has been sitting on the toilet quite a bit. Still nothing happening there, but he'll even ask to sit on the toilet when he knows he has to poop. One of these days something will happen there, but for now he likes the novelty of the potty seat we put on the toilet, and ripping off the toilet paper. He actually likes to have a diaper on, which is interesting. Mo has always loved to be naked, but Drum doesn't like to have a bare bottom for too long. He'll run around in nothing but a diaper, but if we take the diaper off, he'll pretty quickly bring us a diaper to put on him. He hates the act of getting his diaper changed though. Go figure.

Drum still loves shoes. I bought him some new (used) sneakers and he's so proud of them! He likes hats too. He's suuuuper into books. We're at that stage where I sometimes want to hide all the books because I've read them all 1,000 times. But I'm actually really glad about it because for so long he hated to even be in the same room as a book!

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Oddly, his appetite has all but disappeared. Maybe that's not odd. I remember Mo was a great eater at first and then suddenly not. I don't remember when that happened, but maybe around the same age. He's not super picky, he still likes a lot of things, but he just doesn't eat much of it. Except candy. He'll eat the shit out of some "teets" (treats).

He's still nursing. I've been trying half-heartedly to put some parameters around it. If I'm around, he'll ask to nurse when he's hungry, thirsty, bored, upset. It's always been easier to just let him. What do I care? But in the interest of eventually weaning, I try to redirect him if he doesn't really need to nurse. For instance, he nurses when he first wakes up and thats's fine. But then he wants more milk 10 minutes later, and that's just not necessary.

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The last two weekends Mo has been out of town with family, so Bro has been an only child. In some ways it was nice because he got some special attention, and life is just easier with one kid. We even went grocery shopping as a family! But it was also interesting to see him try to figure out how to occupy his time. Not that they play together all the time, but his world is just different when we're home and Mo isn't around. I missed Mosie a ton (things just aren't the same without her around!), but I enjoyed a little extra (and rare) one-on-one with my baby boy.

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