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Drum - Twenty months

At twenty months, Drum is mostly a joy. He still has some highly emotional moments, but I think part of that was related to some teething. Now that that's over (for now), he's in good spirits most of the time. In fact, he's really fun! He loves to explore what's around him, he loves to imitate his sister, and he has the sweetest laugh. 

Mo and Drum 2017 ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1499344837158" alt=""/>

I was reading about Mo at this age, and she loved (and still loves) all people. Everyone is immediately her best friend. She'll talk to anyone, and will even crawl into someone's lap that she hardly knows. But Drum takes a little longer to warm up. Even with people he knows but doesn't see frequently. He's friendly, but shy. He prefers to hang close to me and smile at people from a distance. It's pretty cute. 

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Drum is still nursing, which is great, but it's getting a little ridiculous. He insists on having both of my boobs out and available, but he doesn't just get his fill and move on. He nurses, stops, looks around, does some gymnurstics, nurses a little more. It's fine when we're in the privacy of our home, but anywhere else and it's problemmatic. I admit I haven't really made an effort to change this habit though. He's (very probably) my last baby, and so I just let him nurse how he wants because it's the last time I'll be nursing a baby.

Drum tongue ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1499345256685" alt=""/>

He's been a pretty good eater. Turns out he doesn't really like vegetables. I know that's pretty common for kids, but as picky as Mo is, she likes most veggies. Drum is a good eater with most everything, but he'll eat all around the vegetables on his plate. He's still a good sleeper. With the Fourth of July on a Tuesday, we had about five days of late night fireworks, and he slept through it all like a champ. 

family photo popsicles ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1499345591947" alt=""/>

Drum loves books now, especially those with flaps. His three current favorite books have fun flaps to open. He now likes to bring us a book (and say "book!") and then sit and read and open flaps and point at all the things he knows. It's awesome. He also likes balls and cars and his baby doll. He still loves to clean up and pick up.

IMG_9121 ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1499345735436" alt=""/>

His talking is now pretty impressive. I think he's surpassed where Mo was at this age. I remember Mo's vocabulary exploding around 21 months, but reading her 20 month post, she was still pretty limited. Meanwhile, Bro's vocabulary has already started to explode. He's picking up new words all the time. No sentences yet, but it's crazy how he didn't have any words and now SO MANY!

Drum headband ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1499345926328" alt=""/>

Lastly, daycare is going pretty well. He has been pulling hair and the teachers don't love it. I'm never sure how to respond when they tell me. Like, yep, he's not even two, that's what kids do. We're working on it at home, too. I always have the sense they want me to offer a solution, but all I can do is work on what's happening at home. I can't do anything about it when it happens at school. I'm sure they're just sharing information, but I always feel guilty I can't offer more than understanding. But they haven't mentioned it in a couple weeks, so maybe it's getting better.

I can't believe we're four months from TWO! I love how fun this age is and I love how much he loves me. I hope he always does.

Mom and Drum 2017 ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1499346201462" alt=""/> 


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