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Drummy is two years old!

[I wrote a long, heartfelt post about Drum for his second birthday and the whole thing disappeared without explanation. I was furious and frustrated, and this is my best attempt to recreate it with my hands balled into fists.]

Two years ago my life was made forever more incredible with the birth of my son. He has been surprising me and challenging me since day one. If you recall, I sat through the whole anatomy scan assuming I was looking at my daughter. Then at the very end it was revealed we were having a son. I was shocked but not at all disappointed. It took the next 20 weeks to adjust my vision of my family, but as soon as he was born I knew I was meant to have a son. This son.

He came in a rush. I spent almost 20 hours in intense and unrelenting back labor with Mo, so I was prepared for much of the same with Drum. It was intense and unrelenting back labor, yes, but only four hours after the first contraction, he was in my arms. He continued to surprise me at home. Not that Mo was a piece of cake as an infant, but I was not prepared to spend 90% of my waking hours on a yoga ball. And I had no idea how to deal with the persistent gas Drum experienced. But we got through and that first year was suddenly over. This last year flew by, too. It seems like I was just watching him tentatively eat his first birthday cake.

When Mo turned two I wrote about what you would notice about her if you met her, and I’d like to do the same for Drum. First, you would notice that he can be a bit bashful at first. Not as painfully shy as I was as a kid, but it can take him a bit to warm up to people he doesn’t know. Actually, even with people he does know. He prefers to stick close to me until he’s decided others are cool.

Once he does let loose a little, he can be really silly. You would probably see him doing his gymnastics moves, maybe attempting a somersault. His signature move is to take a wide stance, lean over and touch the ground, then kick one foot in the air. He thinks he’s pretty cool when he does that. He also does this ridiculous thing where he spreads his feet wide, hunches over, and waddles around. This is a sure sign he’s in a silly mood!

If you met Drum, he would probably ask you to read him a book or twelve. And he would probably ask you for a snack. Or twelve. And he would say all of this around the bida (pacifier) in his mouth. He loves to point out animals and knows all of their names. He loves to point out colors too, although almost every color is orange to him. It must be his favorite.

Probably the thing you’d notice most if you met Drum is that he’s often snuggling with me, or even climbing my body like a tree, trying to get as close as possible. His favorite spot in the world is on my lap, one hand behind my neck playing with my hair, sometimes a cheek pressed against mine. He’s pretty obsessed with me, and I’m pretty obsessed with him. I didn’t know I would have a son, but now I can’t imagine my life without him.

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Happy birthday Boo Bear!

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