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Drum - 23 months

Gah! He's almost TWO! Time is so slow and so fast, and somehow we got here. I love to watch him grow up and I'm so happy he keeps developing and thriving, but I also love that there is still some baby left in him. I'm excited for him to reach two, but I'm sad to say goodbye to one.

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It's funny, I wrote this about Mo when she was 23 months: "I hear and read and witness regularly how difficult toddlers can be, but I often can't relate." Well, the universe was like, HAHAHA! Can't relate? Here's Drum. Now you can! You're welcome. To be truthful, he's still a lot easier than some of the stories I hear about other children, but I can now absolutely relate to what it means to have a difficult child. He's not bad - he doesn't really get into things he shouldn't or cause too much mischief. He's just so emotional, so grumpy, so discontent much of the time. I keep hoping it'll get better, but I hear that two can be worse with the inability to manage emtions. We'll see.

I feel kind of bad that I'm always writing about how much he challenges, but it's so all-consuming that I can't write about him without mentioning it. Now on to the other aspects of Drum.

He loves to cuddle, especially with me. He loves to play with my hair. When he's upset, once he gets to a place where he'll accept comfort, he needs a paci (his bida) and my hair. He says "hair" and reaches around, then rests his head on my shoulder or cheek.

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He loves candy and "cheats" (treats). He likes to whisper in my ear - it's usually just nonsense, but he's mimicking his sister and loves it. He's now using a booster at the table instead of a high chair. He knows his animals so well! His teachers even said he knows more animals than older kids in his class. He's starting to learn colors a bit. His default is orange, but he knows what the names of other colors are. He doesn't quite associate the names with the correct colors yet, but he's working on it. He's talking a ton, stringing words together. He has the sweetest little voice and the most infectious laugh.

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Drum is finally get his canine teeth. Those suckers held off a long time, but I now see all four starting to peek through. I also wonder if he's getting any molars because he's particularly agitated lately. We're not yet potty training, but he likes to sit on the toilet. He knows when he has to poop and he often asks to sit on the toilet (though mostly he just squats and announces what's happening), but he's yet to produce anything there. We did intentional potty training with Mo aorund two and a half, so we'll wait until at least then to get serious I think.

He's my boo bear, my sweet boy. I love him so, so much!

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