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My Mo is four years old

Four years ago I gave birth to a life-changer. My Mosie. I am loving Mo at this stage, too. She is my little buddy, and we love hanging out together. Sometimes I feel a tad guilty because if I am choosing between Mo or Drum to run an errand or something, I will usually pick Mo. Drum is awesome, but he requires so much more effort. I mean, he's one, so duh. But Mo requires less and she's just fun. We enjoy spending time together and I am so lucky to have such an amazing mini companion.

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Mo at four is silly, loving, and full of adventure. She loves to be around people and draws her energy from others. One day, out of nowhere, she said, "This whole world is like a party!" and there could be no truer statement to describe her outlook on life. She makes everything a party, and especially loves an actual party where the goal is to hang out with other people and eat snacks. Someone told me that the way they are as young kids is essentially the way they will always be, and if that's true, Mo is going to live a great life. I'm excited to continue watching her make the most of any and everything she does.
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Mo started preschool in the fall, and it is going well. If asked directly, she says she'd rather stay home than go to school, but I suspect that is because she enjoys hanging out with us so much. She doesn't quite understand that the alternative to school is not lazy days at home with family, but rather going to daycare, which she definitely doesn't want to do. When I ask her what her favorite part of the school day was, she'll say, "When you picked me up!" But I know she does well there. Her teachers say only great things about Mo and her time at school. In fact, her primary teacher always tells me how much she enjoys Mo. She'll often pick her up and cuddle with her a bit when I drop her off, and Mo loves her back. The teacher says that her vocabulary is impressive and she's always saying the funniest things. She describes her as silly, smart, easy-going, and klutzy.
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Mo is very affectionate. She still loves to be close to people whenever possible, cuddling up on the couch, pressing her body against mine or crawling onto my lap. She likes to sleep with me, and it's a little treat for her on the weekends. If she stays in bed all night (she went through a phase of getting out of bed a million times at night), she gets to sleep with me on the weekend. When I drop her off at school, she wants "one more kiss and hug" again and again. I love it. I love it so much. I want her to always want to cuddle and kiss and hug me. I cherish every time I get to hold her hand, every time she climbs into my lap unprompted, every time she gives me a kiss. I know there will come a time when she doesn't need or want to hold my hand or cuddle with me, and I don't want to take any of that for granted now.
A year ago Mo was just starting to learn letters, and now she's almost mastered them. She can recognize all letters (though she sometimes struggles with lowercase d, b, n, and h), and she can write them well. She loves to read, and will stay up far too late reading books in bed. She's can't actually read of course, but she loves to "read" books and magazines. We put a reading lamp in her room because her night light wasn't bright enough to read and she kept turning her overhead light on. I can't wait until she learns to really read - I hope she loves devouring books like I always have.
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She continues to be a picky eater. She went through a phase for several weeks where she had a huge appetite, wanting to eat all day long. But even then, she was picky about what satisfied her endless appetite. Fortunately her list of acceptable foods includes things like peas, broccoli, black beans, carrots, cheese, yogurt, granola bars. We get her to eat some pretty healthy stuff, but she also loves "treats" and tries to negotiate for them all day long. "Mommy can I have a treat for being good?" Always.
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Mo is still wearing pullups at night, and still very much needs them. I wrote a year ago that we were too lazy to work on getting her out of overnight pullups, and oops, that's still true! I do kind of wonder if it's a problem. She has been potty trained for a year and a half, but still wets at night. I had a kidney thing that had me wetting the bed until I was well into elementary school, and I want to be sure there's not something going on with Mo. I plan to ask the doctor at her four year appointment.
Anyway, another cool thing to watch is how Mo and Drum grow together. Drum is old enough now that they can play together and they often do. Both are still pretty independent at times - Mo likes to "cut paper" or draw by her self at the table sometimes, and Bro likes to wander around the house and explore solo - but they also invent silly little games together. I hope they continue to be friends forever.
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Mo is very creative. She likes to draw, paint, and color. She has been really interested in puzzles and games (I made her a memory game for Christmas, and she also got Spot It and Guess Who - three games she has been loving). She still loves to watch TV as much as we'll let her. She usually goes through phases of obsession with different shows - the show du jour is Shaun the Sheep. She sings little songs, some she's learned and others she's made up. She likes to tell and hear stories. She pretends a lot, becoming a superhero, a princess, a kitty.
It has been the joy of my life to watch her grow these last four years. I worked hard to bring this child into the world, and I work hard to be a good mom to her, and she makes me proud every day.
Happy fourth birthday Peach Pie!
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