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Drum - fourteen months

I'm a couple days early, but I'm off work this week AND I sent the kids to school/daycare today so I'm just getting all kinds of stuff done. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're not working and have no kids around. 

Mo and Drum 2016 instagram ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1483024175286" alt=""/>

Drum will be 14 months old on New Year's Day! This month has been busy as it always is, but it has been good. Drum just keeps on growing. He's still not talking at all (making sounds, but no meaningful words), but he's very interactive. He recently learned to point to his hair and nose when asked, and he loves to blow on his food before he eats.

Drum in a box instagram ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1483024096850" alt=""/>

He's starting to run and loves when we chase him. He's always dragging large objects around, like the laundry basket or an large empty box. His cousin Scarlet got a microphone and stand for Christmas, which she left at our house, and he loves to drag it around. He figured out how to turn on the music, so he walks around, dancing, with that thing dragging behind him. He also likes to find three of something - pacifiers, markers, toys - and carry one in each hand and one is his mouth. For no real purpose, he just hangs out like that. He also loves his snack cups. We fill one with puffs or cereal, and he strolls around snacking from the cup, perfectly content.

Bro stuff in mouth ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1483024042132" alt=""/>

Drum loves to get into the recycling, the trash, the pantry, the baking cupboard, and the cupboard full of pots and pans. If ever we can't find something (like a missing remote), we first check those places and 9 times out of 10 we find the missing item that way.

We had his daycare's holiday party at an indoor play place. He met Santa, and though he was not impressed, he only fussed. No tears. But at that party I watched him bully another kid. The kid was standing somewhere Drum wanted to be, so Drum screamed and kind of hip checked the kid to get him out of the way. I guess he's like that at daycare a lot. Dude, my kid is the toddler bully, what the heck?

Daycare party ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1483023883873" alt=""/>

He loves this one particular woman (K) at daycare though. I think she's like his second mom. When I'm around, he won't go to anyone else. But he will happily go to her when I drop him off. It makes me really happy, and I told K that she's not allowed to leave until Drum goes to preschool. She was noncommittal.

Bro is a big time climber. He's all over the furniture and anything else he can scale. He has definitely developed that tendency a little earlier than Mo did. She's a big climber now, but looking back when she was his age, I think she was just starting to figure out how to climb onto our ottoman, something Drum has done for awhile now. It might also be because he's a lot taller than she was and can climb up things more easily. Anyway, every day is an adventure with him!

Drum climb ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1483023771124" alt=""/>

One thing that kind of concerns me is that Drum hates reading. HATES IT! He always has. Mo did as a baby but by this age she had learned to love books. Bro wants nothing to do with them. If we try to read to him, he pushes the book away or closes it, and wriggles himself free. I know how important reading with your kids is, so I wonder what developmental stuff he's missing out on.

We celebrated his second Christmas. We always have a lot of family parties, and it can be tricky with his nap schedule, but he did pretty decent. On Christmas day we stayed home. We didn't do much for the kids in the way of presents, which was a good thing for Bro. He was only mildy interested in opening gifts. His favorite was a big orange ball his sister had picked out for him. 

IMG_0262 ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1483023700209" alt=""/>

Drum bow instagram ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1483023732148" alt=""/>

I spent a couple days home with both kids while Mike worked recently. I love them dearly, but I was reminded why I wouldn't be a stay at home mom even if it was an option. It's frustrating and it's definitely not the kind of stimulation I need to feel like a full person. I do wish life wasn't quite so crazy so I could have a little extra time with them, but I'm glad for the reminder that staying home full time with kids is not for me. Plus I think they get so much out of daycare and school, things that I can't provide for them.

I do wish there was a little more time for snuggles though!

Mom and Drum 2016 instagram ?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1483024139103" alt=""/>

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