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Maternity photos

A few weeks ago a friend took some maternity photos for me, Mike and my sister. Emily's husband couldn't be there, but we did some photos of Em and I together, then some of me and Mike. We had no real plans, so we just walked around and looked for interesting places to take pictures. Here are some of my favorites with Em:

OK that was a lot. Ready for more? How about some of me and Mike?

Photo overload yet? Here are just a few more she shot of just me.

You think I'm done, but I'm not. There's more! We did the above photo shoot at my dad's house (same place we got married!), but I wanted some photos in the baby's room. So when my sister (a different sister) stayed with us the next weekend, I asked her snap a few. Neither of us has any photographic talent, so we just took some pictures, then I did some simple editing in Flickr (ie: cropped, brightened and occasionally used some pre-made filters). 

And now I'm done. Sorry, I had to share somewhere. I don't put many photos on Facebook, and even though they're all on Flickr, I keep them pretty private. So the blog gets a photo dump. We didn't spend much on these, just a small thank you gift to our friend, but I'm so glad to have some good photos to commemorate this pregnancy.

In other news, still no baby. This is a good thing. I'm 38 weeks today, so I'm good to go if labor does start. But Mike and I had a little chat with Baby Z-M last night. We said he or she can come whenever is necessary, but that we'd like just a little more time if possible. 

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Ohhh, I love them! Thanks for sharing!

December 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLindsay A

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