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Christmas contemplation

It's Christmas and I'm restless. We did all of our celebrating over the last couple weeks, so today we laid low at home. We spent the morning exchanging stockings, eating cinnamon rolls and watching a movie. Then I took a Christmas nap. And we spent the rest of the day doing baby stuff. I scanned all of our ultrasound pictures, finished up our Birth Plan Preferences, packed some final things in the hospital bag(s), and uploaded all of our maternity photos (look for those later).

Remember how cute this little doll is?

Mike spent a couple hours putting up a baby gate. It was made difficult by the strange architecture of our house, but he finally rigged this up:

Don't worry, this isn't intended for baby safety so much as it is for MY safety. That door to the left of the gate goes to the garage, so when I come into the house, the stairs are right. there. A few times, usually when I'm carrying armfuls of stuff, I've come close to tripping down the stairs to the basement. We put up a tension-hung gate for awhile, but when I started to think about carrying a baby and car seat through there, I decided I wanted something hardware mounted. Unfortunately, we had to do some rigging to work around some architectural abnormalities. I wouldn't exactly call this fullproof, but it's at least a visual reminder. And if it comes to it, I think it would hold my weight long enough to regain balance.

The floor you can see is actually a small landing. The basement stairs are to the left of the door, and straight ahead from the door are another two steps that lead to the main floor of the house. When the baby is mobile we'll install another gate at the top of those two steps so the kid can't get anywhere near this not-quite-up-to-code gate!

Once this was done, we attempted to install the car seat bases. It did not go well.

Despite following all the directions, watching a video from the manufacturer, and googling the hell out of it, we still don't think the seats are safe in our cars, especially mine. In Mike's van, with the car seat in place on the base, things feel a little wobbly. In my car, it's like an earthquake. You can shake the seat several inches to the left and right. I've been doing extensive research on how to get a car seat inspection, but it's surprisingly difficult.*

Just for fun.

So anyway, all that to say, some might suggest that I'm nesting. I told you that my mom had her premonition that I wouldn't make it to January, and when I talked to my sister today, she said the same thing. All day I've been checking our to do list and getting things done or making plans for getting them done. And tonight I was restless and pacing, and Mike said, "You're totally going into labor soon. You're acting so weird." Maybe I am, but physically there are no indications. None of this really means anything, but it all makes me think about how entirely possible it is that I may have this baby soon.

In truth, all I want is a healthy labor, delivery, baby and mama. It doesn't matter when that happens. But logistically, there are many reasons I've been asking this baby to sit tight.


  1. Despite the one-time tax credit this year, a birthday crammed between Christmas and New Year's for the rest of its life would kind of suck.
  2. A January baby would mean meeting our deductible at the beginning of the year, giving us 12 months of cost-free medical care.
  3. The later I have the baby, the later I go back to work. And the later I go back to work, the less time we have to arrange makeshift childcare until our permanent, full-time care is available in June.
  4. We'd be able to enjoy the last few days of the holiday season, including our final Christmas party on the 31st, before fully shifting our gears to babydom.
  5. It would mean a baby closer to 40 weeks. Even though I'm full-term now, I'd like my baby to develop as long as it needs.


So who knows. I'm trying not to think about it. Just relax, do what I can to prepare but not obsess. And simply wait, I guess... 

*The fire/police stations only do them on certain days, none of which are left in December. I'm told the hospital might do it, but I haven't gotten confirmation. If you have suggestions other than those, let me know!

Reader Comments (2)

Try Triple A (AAA). They will often do an inspection. If that fails, ask someone who has kids. I had NO clue before I had Cash, but now I'm a pro at cinching it down and my hubby knows I'm a lunatic about it! It's all about getting your weight in the seat to cram it tight.

December 26, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterlindsey

The ones I found through our hospital were actually done at a car dealership. That's where we went. We got there pretty early, but when we left there was a loooooooong line of cars. Also, I've heard if you call or stop by a fire station they can do it on the spot. I've heard, too, that managers at Babies R Us are certified. Good luck! Hope you find something!

December 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLindsay A

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