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Week 37

I'm writing this at 4:00am, not because I'm not tired. But because I can't stand to be in bed. I find it so uncomfortable lately that after waking up for the third or fourth time, I usually just give up and get up. Luckily we remembered to take the 37 week photo today (or yesterday...), only two days late, so I have something to do while I sit here.










WEEK 37: Size of Swiss Chard

Today my sister was saying she thinks she'll miss the attention she gets while being pregnant, and I told her that I actually don't get much. The people who know are very sweet (and Mike is incredibly attentive), but people don't hold doors for me or offer me seats or comment on or ask about the pregnancy. What I hear from other pregnant ladies is that this stuff is common, especially the comments, so I feel a little left out! I'm just so happy to be pregnant that I wouldn't mind a little acknowledgement from strangers. I'd even take a "you're about to pop!" Mike suggested that maybe they can't tell for sure that I'm pregnant. But I said if it's not obvious by now, I'm pissed! I sure hope nobody thinks I look like this normally.

I can't believe I'm less than three weeks away from my due date. I get nervous sometimes now. It'll just hit me, like crap, this is seriously going to happen. And any day now! Still no signs of anything, but from what I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything. 

I've been having pretty frequent braxton hicks contractions, but they are very irregular and still basically painless. I'm seeing the chiropractor a couple days a week to help with my pelvis and my rib. Basically she puts everything back in place, then baby knocks it all out again. And repeat. 

And obviously I'm not sleeping. Worse than ever. But when people ask how I'm feeling, I still say I feel good. Because I do! I expected at 37 weeks to be miserable - I think a lot of women are. So hallelujah for still feeling good.

Aren't these cute? (Lindsay, I know you'll especially appreciate them!) Michael's sold the stuffed animals with blank bibs, so of course I had to buy and embroidery them.

Oberon has been my constant companion lately.

We attempted to put a swinging baby gate at the top of our basement stairs, but we ran into structural issues. We're working on a solution.

Lennie was very helpful.

Listening to the baby.

Reader Comments (1)

I've been following along eagerly, but via cell phone and it's tough to get those captchas there. Anyway, LOVE the embroidered elephant and giraffe. I wondered if you'd found them. Yay! Super cute!

Also, might I recommend the Retract-a-Gate? We have one. They're a bit pricey but SO worth it!

December 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLindsay A

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