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Happy birthday to me

Oh by the way, I turned 32 on Saturday. In all the busyness of life, my birthday seemed pretty minor, but it was a really fun day. I don't use Instagram extensively, but I did decide to document my birthday with it.

I didn't sleep well the night before (are we shocked?) and woke up early to attend Mike's brother's college graduation. But first, I indulged in some cinnamon rolls, courtesy my husband.

Don't be fooled, they were from a tube. But they were delicious!

I also got some cheesy birthday wishes from my niece and nephew:

And then it was gradution time. It was as you'd expect a college graduation to be, but it was nice to be able to support Mike's baby brother.

Mike's mom took us out for a graduation/birthday celebration lunch where I stuffed my face with bread and pasta. Go carbs!

After lunch, my fatigue caught up with me and I took a lovely birthday nap. 

I also indulged in some delightful birthday kitty cuddles. This cat is obsessed with me lately. Either he's attracted to the baby and wants to cuddle with it, or he knows some big changes are coming and this is his way of telling me to please stop! Either way, he's a handsome fella.

After cuddling, I checked the mail and enjoyed several birthday cards. I'm terrible at sending these myself, so I appreciate so much that others are good about it. This one is from my dear friend Robin:

Then we used a Groupon to go to dinner. Robin and her husband had the same Groupon, so it was a double date!

After dinner, Mike and I went to the cheap theatre for a movie. It didn't really matter what we saw, I wanted popcorn. And I wanted to enjoy one last movie night before movie nights go away for awhile. We saw Perks of Being a Wildflower, which I actually really enjoyed.

When we got home, as if I hadn't eaten enough - what with the cinnamon rolls, the pasta, the burger, and the popcorn - I indulged in a birthday brownie. 

For some reason 32 hit a little harder than 30 or 31. I wasn't at all upset about turning 30, and I couldn't understand why others were. It seemed like a great age to me, and it was. Thirty-one was fine too. But 32 puts me solidly in my 30s, and maybe that's why it seems "old." However, what I ask myself every year is whether I am happy with what I've done with my life so far. If the answer is yes, then I don't mind aging. This year the answer was definitely yes.

(Don't forget to get in on the baby pool! No prizes, sorry, but it's for my own entertainment and that's worth something right?)

Reader Comments (3)

Happy b-day! Hope this year brings tons of joy!

December 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDori

Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you had a great day and those cinnamon rolls sure didn't look like they were from a tube. I drooled and thought, she's lucky! Then I read the next line and thought, wow I can buy a tube! LOL! Glad you enjoyed your last birthday as a couple! Next year you'll be a little family. ♥

December 13, 2012 | Unregistered Commenteralibaba41

Happy Birthday! My mom craved popcorn when she was pregnant with me but she had edema and couldn't eat salt. So when she went into labor, my dad stopped at the movie theater for popcorn for her. Awww, sweet!

December 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnna

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