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Baby's room: crafts galore

Technically yesterday was 31 weeks and I should be writing about that, but we haven't taken a picture yet. We're back to the four oranges that we erroneously used a couple weeks ago, but we had eaten those oranges and needed to restock, and that hasn't happened yet.

So instead, let me tell you about some baby room projects we're working on. Everyone loves a baby room right? Well maybe not. Honestly, I'm not sure I ever gave a damn about anyone's nursery before, and I didn't think I'd put much effort into ours. But then there's all this cute stuff. I'm not talking cute baby-ish crap. I'm saying, we have this new house that we can decorate any way we want, and this is the first room we are tackling as a whole (not just a paint job here or picture hung there), and it's kind of fun! Of course, we are trying not to spend a lot of money, so most of what we're doing is repurposing furniture and other items, and making crafty things. In fact, the few things I want to buy that cost more than $10 I've been putting off, not quite ready to bite the bullet and spend the money. I'm sooo cheap. I mean I'm talking a couple things that cost $30-$100, and I haven't done it yet.

Anyway, one of these days I'll share lots more about how the room is coming together, but for today, here are a few projects we recently completed.

First, we used scrap book paper to brighten up these cheap storage towers we've had for years:

They will be used to hold supplies like blankets, extra diapers and wipes, etc. So most of that pretty paper will probably be covered up with...stuff. But I think it gives you a good sense of what I mean by our approach: lots of colors and patterns!

We used furniture we had on hand, so all we bought was six pieces of scrapbook paper and a strong adhesive (similar to double stick tape).

Second, I spent a lot of time working on this embroidery project:

Again, lots of colors. And I think the fonts reflect the idea of varying patterns. I also made the frame. Well, I didn't make the frame, but I took a frame we had, painted it bright green, painted a thin coat of turquoise over that, then roughed it up a bit.

This one was completely free. I had all the craft supplies and the frame on hand.

Those two will be familiar to anyone who reads my other blog, but the next two are new. Next is this paint swatch mobile:

I actually made this a long time ago, before we even started the 1,000 year painting project. It's been chillin', waiting to be hung for months, and we finally got it up this week. It was a bit of a labor of love, but I like how it turned out. I collected paint swatches for weeks (I wasn't sure what colors I'd want), then cut circles for days. I tried to use a stencil and an exacto knife, but it didn't work, so I cut each one with scissors. They're not all perfect, but I like that. Then painted the backs of each with grey. You would have seen the printing on the back otherwise, and grey was a good neutral color. The I cut wire and hooked all the circles together in this pattern. I attached two wood dowels with more wire, crossed those with two other wooden dowels, and secured them with wire. Then each string of circles was attached with, yep, more wire. It really did take forever!

One thing I love about is that while there is an obvious pattern, the colors don't all match. For instance. all the greens in the top row are "dark" green, but they don't all match. When we were finally ready to hang it, I fastened a wire loop, tied some string, Mike put a hook in the ceiling and ta da! It's above the changing table.

Figure it'll give the baby something to look at while I'm wiping its ass. And don't worry, we made sure it was super secure so it won't fall mid diaper change. Here's a shot from the baby's point of view:

Best of all, it cost zero dollars. I "stole" the paint swatches and had everything else in my craft supplies already.

And finally, I made this elephant mobile for above the crib. 

I am absolultely in love with it. Many months ago I saw something like this at World Market:

I forgot take an actual before picture, but basically it was six little stuffed elephants strung together with some beads. I immediately knew I could make a cool mobile out of it. I deconstructed the whole thing, restrung it all, and added some additional beads. I used the same dowel technique as with the other mobile, and this time we hung it above the crib.

(Don't worry, those blankets aren't staying. I just hung the blankets from the shower there temporarily.)

That's a bunch of elephant butts, but it's the only close-up I got that wasn't blurry

And that's the baby's view. All this one cost was $7 for the string of elephants. It pays to have lots of craft supplies lying around!

Just imagine all this with more stuff on the walls, curtains on the windows, etc. Much more to come!

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    Doahleigh - Home - Baby's room: crafts galore
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    Doahleigh - Home - Baby's room: crafts galore
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    Doahleigh - Home - Baby's room: crafts galore
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    Doahleigh - Home - Baby's room: crafts galore

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You are too freakin' adorable! My favorite is actually the picture frame, because I never would have thought to do the two layers of paint.

November 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMonsteRawr

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