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When it rains, it pours (aka: baby shower)

When the idea of a baby shower was first presented to me, I was hesitant. I know how much work goes into them, and I feel awkard being the center of attention in that way. But my mom said she'd do a joint shower with my sister (Emily), and that took some of the pressure off. 

Still, I felt overwhelmed by the generosity. When they set us up to open gifts, I got the first one, and it was a gift bag tied with a ribbon. A ribbon I could not untie! I was so awkward trying to get the damn ribbon off while everyone watched. Luckily Emily was laughing at me and making jokes, and took some pressure off. Everyone is so loving and kind, I just felt ridiculous being the recipient of it all. 

But it was lovely. I insisted my mom not waste money on a lot of decorations and silly things, so it was a simple party to get some of our favorite people together. Because Mike's family is so small, there aren't enough people to justify a separate gathering on that side, so they all came to this one. And we thought about inviting the guys, but Em's husband had to work, so Mike only showed up later to haul the gifts home.

Seriously, so generous.

Handmade quilt from Mike's Mom. She made one for Emily too!

Knitted baby blankets from our Mom.

Em's best friend is due in mere days!

Here we are! I was 30 weeks 2 days, Em was 28 weeks exactly. She's been measuring a week and a half ahead almost the whole time though. We're convinced we're having babies on the same day! We've been joking about how pointed her belly is while mine is rounded. I think mine spreads out a little more, hers is like a bullet out front. We measured though, and at my largest point it was 42 inches. Em was 40 (I think, is that right Em?). 

Also, we did a baby pool. Of course. My sister Kelli put together a little "cheat sheet" that indicated how big and long we and our husbands were at birth, as well as how early or late we were born. And she provided information on some old wives' tales -- all of mine indicated girl, all of Em's indicated boy. But a lot of people branched out and guessed boy for me and girl for her anyway! They just may be right, who knows.

My guess? Sex: girl. Birth date: January14. Weight: 8lb8oz. Length: 20in. Someday I'll have to put together a poll up in here...

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the shower. Truly, I'm humbled.

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I think it's a girl, too. For what it's worth. :)

Looks like the shower was a lot of fun! Mine is the 17th. I can't believe that's almost here!

November 6, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkim

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