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Week 29...sort of

Don't worry, "sort of" doesn't mean bad things. It just means we used the wrong produce this week. Mike looked it up before grocery shopping and somehow looked at week 31, not 29. So the four oranges down there are false. He's going to buy the correct thing tomorrow and we'll reshoot for consistency's sake, but since this is actually how I looked at 29 weeks, I thought I'd share. Also because my nephew was over and got involved in the photo shoot and he's super cute. He was fascinated by the belly and wanted to be in every picture we took.









WEEK 29: Size of Four Oranges (except not really)

The latest is that my back still hurts in the same place, I still have a baby body part of some sort in my rib (Though I'm starting to wonder if it's something else. This baby is still small enough to move around quite a bit in there. Is it normal for something to be lodged in one place that long? Maybe the pain I'm feeling is something else entirely?), but I feel pretty good. I crave a lot of surgary things - sugary cereals, ice cream, things like that. Though today, after having Cap'n Crunch for breakfast and apple crisp for lunch, I really enjoyed the savory-ness of the pot roast Mike made for dinner!

I have my next appointment on Tuesday where I'll get the results of my extended glucose test. Even though I know gestational diabetes is manageable, I'm really hoping for good results. And for a scare-free appointment altogether. The glucose test wasn't too bad, though extremely time consuming. I had an appointment for 8:00, but didn't actually get my pre-drink draw until almost 9:00. Then I downed what seemed like a gallon of glucola (it was actually about as much as a can of soda), and had my blood drawn every hour until noon when I could finally leave. I switched arms every draw, and I amazingly walked away with no bruises! (That little one under the tape is still left over from two weeks ago.)

Today I took a picture of myself in just my bra and underwear (which I won't share here, obviously) and I actually look pregnant. Believe it or not, I still don't see it sometimes. I know that sounds crazy, but it's like when you don't notice a child growing bigger because you see them every day. Some days I still think I could easily be mistaken for simply chubby, but those nearly naked pictures helped me realize what I really look like. 

So no naked pics, sorry, but here are some of me in clothes:

I went shopping over the weekend with my sisters and stepmom, and my pregnant sister and I bought nursing bras. Nursing bras! This is getting real. And, get this, I'm a 38E. E!! They measured me, it's real. Seems huge to me though.

Taking a much needed break.

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I have to do my second glucose screen today. I had an early one because of it being twins and my insulin resistance. I'm worried I won't pass this one. I haven't noticed anything, I just have crappy luck. And yeah, it's manageable...but it's a pain in the ass. Didn't we do enough to get here in the first place??? :)

October 29, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkim

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