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Pack List: Two Weeks Abroad

Here's the next installment of my Pack List series. This is the list I made when packing for my two-week trip to Ireland this past spring. When making this list, I planned on re-wearing several things (which I did), washing them (by hand) if necessary.

Obviously, your travels  abroad may be to a location entirely different than Ireland, but I think there are some good basics here for surviving an extended stay away from home.

Some disclaimers:
* I sometimes tend to over pack because I like to be prepared for whatever may come. A good tip is to pack things that are versatile. So if I say “nice pants” and also “jeans” but you have a pair of pants that are nice but also as comfortable as jeans, maybe you just pack those.

* Obviously you have to fill in the specifics here. On my own Pack Lists I often write “green t-shirt” or “black pinstripe pants.” For these generic lists it’ll be more like “t-shirt” and “dress pants.”

* I often, but not always, make categories and subcategories (CLOTHES: Tops, Bottoms, etc. TOILETRIES…).

* Make adjustments for your location, weather, circumstances, etc. Clearly.

* I’m not responsible for the use of my Pack Lists. If you find yourself in Maui with no bathing suit, it’s not my fault! (Even if I forgot to put “bathing suit” on “Pack List: Tropical Island.”)

* If you think of anything I should add to my Pack Lists, let me know!

3 jeans/comfortable pants
5 t-shirts
2 sweatshirts
2 long-sleeved shirts
2 pajamas
walking shoes
comfy shoes that can be dressed up if necessary
flip flops
rain coat (best thing I brought to Ireland!)
nice pants (we had planned to go to the theatre)
nice shirt

body wash
hair brush
hair products
hair dryer
flat iron
hair clips, pins, etc.
contacts (2 pairs)
contact solution
contact cases
glasses and case
nail clippers, file
prescription meds
other meds (pain reliever, dramamine, cold meds - I used them all)

2 camera batteries
camera battery charger
camera memory cards
phone (only used it in the US airports)
phone charger
mp3 player/charger
head phones
electronic adapter/converter (don't forget this!)

water bottle
travel document holder
health insurance card
credit/debit cards
detergent (small bottle just in case)
ziplocks (endlessly handy)
hanger (in case you wash something and need to hang dry it)
notebook (journal?)
travel bag (for walking around, seeing the sites)
travel blanket
duffel bag (for overflow on the way home - I actually used mine)
photocopies of all important documents, cards, etc.
earplugs (I'm a light sleeper)
list of important phone numbers
list of souvenirs to buy

This is what I carried on with me:
travel document holder
health insurance card
small amount of cash
credit/debit cards
all meds
camera, battery, charger, memory card
contacts, solution, case
glasses, case
any toiletries not easily replaced
change of clothes
mp3 player, charger
phone number list

Bonus travel tips:

  • Leave a photocopy of all important documents, cards, etc. with a trusted person at home. If you lose them (and your own copies) while abroad, you can call home and easily get the info you need.

  • Alert your bank and credit card companies of your travel plans.

  • If you have health insurance, find out what is covered abroad so you're prepared if anything happens.

  • You can register your overseas trip with US Embassies. This isn't necessary, but can't hurt either.

  • Bring a travel document holder for the airports. International travel can require a lot of ID and paperwork. Having it all (passport, boarding pass, customs claim, etc) in one place saves you a frantic search(that one of my travel companions experienced) at crucial moments.

  • Leave at home anything you won't need on your trip. For example, don't bring all the usual contents of your wallet -- your passport acts as an ID so your driver's license is unnecessary, library and membership cards are pointless, etc. If something happens to your wallet abroad, this saves you some work later.

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Reader Comments (2)

bless you child, I have to pack today.

August 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterErica Johnston

Awesome post! One more tip - find out if your bank has a sister company in the country where you are traveling. I think Barclay's is owned by the same company as Bank of America, so when I was in London I was able to use Barclay's ATMs without a fee/surcharge! :)

August 20, 2009 | Unregistered Commenternanette

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