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Livejournal incompetence

For some reason I'm struggling with this livejournal stuff. I can't seem to get anything to do what I want it to. For instance, I thought I had changed my settings and layout and everything, but then it looked totally different than it was supposed to! So if any of you livejournal veterans have suggestions, please fill me in.

This weekend I went home to visit some family, and to go camping with Robin's family. Here are some highlights:

1-Matt Alvarez came by the campsite to visit everyone. We used to hang out quite a bit, but I haven't seen him in a long time. He looks great, and it was really nice to catch up with him.

2-Played volleyball with Robin, her sisters Shannon and Bonny, Bonny's boyfriend Mark, Matt A. and the McMurray's cousins, Tyler and Justin. We were absolutely horrible, but I laughed the whole time. That's all that matters, in my uncompetitive life at least. However, we rearranged teams at least four times, and I'm the only person that was ALWAYS on the losing team. What does that say about my volleyball skills?

3-Got to use my dad's new hot tub! I've been craving a hot tub all year, so it was nice on my chronically painful back.

4-My dad got two kittens! A girl and a boy, both grey tiger cats, and I love them. Kelli named her cat (the girl) Rona, which was just a random utterance from Delaney (who speaks her own language--Delanian--I swear), but we all agreed it was a damn good name for this kitty. The boy is Delaney's, and she struggled with a name for him, changing it every few hours. We went from Jigglywax to Shalova to who knows what else. It was Dragon for nearly a whole day, then she decided he didn't need a name at all. Finally she settled on Crowdy. However, that's a horrible name that only a goofy 3-year old, such as herself, would consider. So I've been calling him Rowdy (which is a perfectly ironic name as he is rather subdued), and I'm hoping everyone else picks up on it too. So Rona and Rowdy, how cute.

Overall, it was a fun weekend and I'm glad I decided to go home. Middleville, how I can't get away from thee! Unfortunately the long weekend did nothing to revive me, and I am feeling even more unmotivated than last week.

Reader Comments (1)

Hey babe...just thought I would check out your live journal, and let you know that you have at least 1 reader. I'm sure if you tell Justin, he'll visit the site religiously. Anyway, I can't believe the kitten is still named Crowdy...what a name to settle on..:) Talk to you soon.

September 7, 2004 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous

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