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 Hi, I’m Shannon. That's my husband Mike (with his eyes closed, always), my daughter Mo (with an owie on her face, always), and my son Drum (trying to escape, always).

Things you might be wondering:

What does Doahleigh mean?

It’s a combination of a nickname and my middle name. Dad calls me Shannondoah (as in Shenandoah…the valley, the river) or just Doah. My middle name is Leigh, which I long held a grudge against for being boring, but I eventually embraced it and even honored it in my blog title!

Where you at?

We live in West Michigan, where my husband and I both grew up.

What do you do?

I work in the nonprofit sector. And I'm paid as such. We'll leave it at that.


Yes! Mike and I got married on June 12, 2010. Read all about it at Shan and Mike.


Two kids who surprise me and brings me joy every day. Our daughter was born in January 2013. Our son came along in November 2015. I think we're done having kids, but we've always been interested in the idea of adopting, so you never know.

Why do you have Doahleigh?

Back in the day I wanted to be a writer. That dream quickly fell apart when I realized I had no motivation to make a living by it. But I still like to string words together occassionally, and this way I get to share my life with family and friends and strangers. I also used to write regularly in a real journal, but the act of putting pen to paper became too tasking. Typing is so much easier!